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Dynamic development of the technical infrastructure of network industries forces the use of modern information systems solutions in support of effective management. Wherever there is an identified need of a company’s network property management, GIS appears as the magic word, and immediately afterwards there is the question – “where to START” the project?

Carrying out a project with GIS systems requires a broad knowledge of many areas including:

  • knowledge of GIS products and leading manufacturers
  • knowledge of project management
  • industry knowledge
  • methodology for acquisition and data modeling
  • quality control techniques

Building knowledge and wide experience of our company allows us to offer you professional consulting services that help our clients on the project and will give a response not only to the question– “HOW DO I GET STARTED?” with the project, but also how it should be carried out to achieve the intended goals.

We offer:

  • 01. The development of the concept of the system
  • 02. Pre-deployment analysis
  • 03. Implementation of the system
  • 04. Consultations on deriving data and network inventory passporting
  • 05. Development of methodologies for data quality control
  • 06. Preparation of tender documentation for implementation

If you are interested in consulting services, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Do not hesitate and contact GISonLine consultants.

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