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Data migration

The purpose of migration is to transfer data from the source system to the target system in such a way that the new system enables the implementation of the assumed business processes.

This requires a transfer of data from one IT system to another while maintaining the completeness, consistency, hierarchy, and dependencies that occur between objects.

Data migration is not a simple conversion of formats. The process requires taking actions that will allow obtaining the highest quality of data on the target system.

GISonLine approach

GISonLine consultants are a team of professionals with extensive experience gained during the implementation of various projects. We specialize in data migration from various GIS/CAD systems and AS-IS or TO BE configurations. We have extensive knowledge about inventory systems based, among others, on technologies by Smallworld, ESRI, Bentley, Intergraph. Thanks to this, we can be both the adviser and the performer of the migration and data integration process in GIS systems. We focus primarily on the needs and requirements of the client. We face the challenges that arise at every stage of migration, analyze the possibilities and select the best solution for the client.

Stages of data migration

Analysis of data models in the source and target systems


Identification of potential deficiencies and indication of methods and ways to supplement them


Analysis of existing data in terms of completeness and logical and physical consistency


Target system network structures modeling


Test migration and production data migration


Quantitative, qualitative and logical control

Benefits for the client

  • 01. Obtaining a high-quality target system combining data from various sources and environments
  • 02. The ability to use the functionality of the latest systems, using the data collected during the work of the company to date
  • 03. Implementation of key business processes
  • 04. Easier management of the company's assets
  • 05. The ability to generate reliable quantitative reports on resources

Range of services

  • 01. Detailed analysis of data models in the source and target systems
  • 02. Customer support in the process of choosing the right target environment
  • 03. Identification of potential deficiencies and threats
  • 04. Defining the data model in the target system
  • 05. Full migration of source data to the target system
  • 06. Quantitative and qualitative control of migration
  • 07. Verification of topological correctness in the target system

Are you interested in data migration services?

We invite you to contact us. GISonLine consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

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