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Inspection services – Drone as a Service

Drone as a Service is a comprehensive UAV solution offered by GISonLine. It includes flights execution and unmanned aerial vehicles data processing. Service allows to take advantage of all professional unmanned systems benefits without unnecessary risks and costs. Innovative, multifunctional platforms are designed for a diverse audience by offering a wide range of applications.

Each project begins with defining the individual needs of the client and scheduling. In agreement with the customer we match our equipment and sensors for specific tasks. Specialized team performs flight according to internal procedures and methodology. Collected data shall be compiled and processed by GIS professionals and delivered in a way that is most convenient for the client. As the results, we obtain high resolution images, dense point clouds, 3D models, DEMs and thematic maps.

Except for land surveying we specialize in broad variety of infrastructure type: railway, road, industrial, lighting and power.


Comfortable in transport and light drone type flying wing, ready to fly in a few minutes. Safe start, precise landing and intuitive operation make it an ideal choice for many applications. Applied to linear and surface flights, it is used in all industries, from geodesy and agriculture to inventories and inspections of technical condition of critical infrastructure.

  • GPS RTK L1 & L2 onboard, providing <10cm accuracy.
  • High-class sensor,Sony RXIRII- 42-Mpix camera, RedEdge-M multispectral camera
  • Unlimited connectivity range with 4G LTE
  • High productivity: flight time up to 60 minutes, coverage up to 8 km[3,09 mi2] in one flight

DJI Phantom 4PRO

DJI Phantom 4 Pro is an versatile tool for inspection process and small area/high quality mapping. Its 20Mpix camera provides high-quality data proving itself especially in congested areas. Used for LIVE-broadcasting and detailed infrastructure inspections.


The GRYF system is an multi-functional unmanned platform, designed for a wide range of applications. This multi-rotor platform is characterized by wide range of functionalities. A modular design allows quick and easy adaptation of the platform for carrying various types of sensors. Thanks to its properties, GRYF is used in such industries as land surveying, construction, rescue and power engineering.

Stages of service implementation - The end-to-end solution

Task scoping

Defining components and objects to be surveyed


Selection of the drone

Flying platform and sensor selection


Data acquisition

Performing flights and data capture


Data processing

Development of photogrammetric products (3D model + orthomosaic)



Data analysis

Technical condition assessment and inspection report preparation



Web application

Results sharing and publication

Range of services

  • 01. A detailed analysis of the business needs and the selection of the best solution for the customer
  • 02. Advice on project planning, cost optimization and maximum use of the obtained products
  • 03. Drone flights in any area, scheduled at the client’s convenience
  • 04. Precise technical inspection execution and quick delivery of the results to the client
  • 05. Comprehensive inventory of any point, line and area object in any sectors
  • 06. High-accurate orthomosaic, 3D models, NMT, thematic maps delivery
  • 07. Highest quality deliverables in any format
  • 08. Organized and effective data archiving support

Benefits for the client

  • 01. Cost reduction and safety increase
  • 02. Getting the most accurate information about surveyed objects
  • 03. Broad variety of products from a single mission
  • 04. Fast execution of technical inspection, equipment failure and the immediate transfer of developed data
  • 05. Project purpose-oriented data visualisation
  • 06. Receive the highest quality products with regards to international standards

Are you interested in Drone as a Service?

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