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Implementation of GIS

GISonLine provides professional support in GIS systems design and implementation. Dedicated solutions, tailored to your needs, are the answer to the continuously increasing area of use of GIS technology.

Wherever the information has its spatial reference and the process of enterprise management refers to the location of employees or assets, GIS provides the greatest potential for backing the activities of the company. The specificity of the individual industries, as well as geographic information systems, requires an individual approach to each problem. Our many years of experience in working with clients representing a wide range of activities are the basis for the success of the ongoing deployment projects. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you, so that you can avoid costly modifications in the future already at the planning stage. We will also advise which aspects may be omitted.

We believe in win-win solutions, therefore we share our knowledge and experience in GIS, while expanding our knowledge of our clients’ industries.

The benefits of the implementation of GISonLine solutions become real thanks to the synergy of four key elements:


complete, up-to-date, properly collected and modeled



clearly specified and defined in accordance with the needs of the client



a system that is properly selected, implemented and integrated



a highly qualified team of specialists from various fields

Benefits for the client

  • 01. A complete system for monitoring and management of all business assets
  • 02. Visualizing geometric objects on maps
  • 03. Modern tools for the analysis of spatial and descriptive data
  • 04. Effective and quick planning of modernisation, repair or expansion of infrastructure
  • 05. Up-to-date reports on the status of facilities
  • 06. The ability to generate reliable quantitative reports of assets
  • 07. Streamlining the process of managing people and resources, optimization of costs and increase in productivity
  • 08. Easier collection, update and maintainance of the highest level data
  • 09. Attractive and innovative form of presentation of the offered services for potential clients of the enterprise

The scope of deployment services

  • 01. Intensive cooperation with the customer at the stage of a preliminary analysis of the needs and requirements
  • 02. Developing a data model for GIS system
  • 03. Creation of a methodology for the acquisition of the data, entering them into the system, updating and maintaining them
  • 04. The acquisition of data from any of the formats and entering them into GIS database
  • 05. Providing GIS tools tailored to the customer's needs, facilitating project and resource management (GRIDonLine Manager)
  • 06. Providing an application for field data collection (GRIDonLine Terrain)
  • 07. Quality and quantity control on every stage of GIS implementation

Are you interested in GIS implemantation in your enterprise?

Do not hesitate to contact us. GISonLine consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

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