GISonLine products implementation

GISonLine develops innovative GIS class solutions dedicated to a wide range of recipients that allow data integration and practical use of resources. Our products are innovative, functional and comprehensive, making them useful in many industry branches.

GRIDonLine – is a comprehensive GIS system that supports network asset management processes. The modular design enables high flexibility and customization of functionalities to specific needs.

PLANonLine – The innovative PLANonLine platform is a response to a need for constant, wide access to current data at every stage of investment implementation.

DRONonLine – is an application dedicated to supporting services provided with use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The application is used to manage the process of executing projects and missions carried out with the use of various UAV systems, from the phase of determining the place of carrying out the flight, through planning and supervision of the flight to the publication of the resulting data.

Modular design

Every GISonLine application is tailored to its user-groups’ needs. It provides vital data acquired with use of custom-build tools needed in particular business processes.

  • Terrain module – allows you to use the database in the field work, online or offline
  • Manager module – provides reports, alerts, KPIs, allows you to monitor the progress and scope of work, also from a web browser
  • Editor module – allows for full edition and analysis of collected data using a web browser

Centralised database

Up-to-date asset management data is safely stored in a central database. The system allows custom authorisation of the staff involved in the realisation process.

Implementation models

  • SaaS model (cloud base) – the client doesn’t bear the costs of the infrastructure and admin personnel.
  • On-site (client base) – on client’s infrastructure

Time-saving, reducing asset management costs


Immediately accessible, up-to-date information


Improved data quality


Data accessible in a web-based application


Improved transparency across the organization removes business silos

The benefits of implementing GRIDonLine

  • 01. Reducing the costs of maintanance services of the distribution network
  • 02. Optimization of business processes in the enterprise related to the maintenance and development of the distribution network
  • 03. Acceleration of decision-making through efficient exchange of information between field teams, technical service employees and decision-makers
  • 04. Monitoring the progress of work and the ability to quickly respond to problems and delays in the implementation of services
  • 05. Increasing the work safety of field services through access to current network data

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GISonLine products implementation
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