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Network inventory

One of the most important elements of the network inventory systems is data. Thanks to correctly acquired and modelled data, IT systems operators are able to process and analyze information. We deal with a digital inventory of the network assets of company in GIS system. We specialize in the electricity network inventory on low, medium and high voltage as well as telecommunications network. We emphasis on the development of our application and the specialized expertise on the type and destination of the inventory network asset.

A key element in the acquisition and data input into the inventory system is a detailed analysis of the condition of existing data.

The results of the analysis allow to prepare the initial project valuation  and detailed plan of data acquisition methodology development.

After this analysis often  it turns out that the source data is incomplete, stored in inconsistent form or in different database systems. We offer the best solution for the customer depending on the type of the data source by using the various techniques of obtaining data, starting with the vectorization and digitizing by conversion, migration or an field inventory.

  • We capture data from all available sources and formats, both digital and analog,
  • We deal with processing, conversion and migration of data to the end point customer system,
  • We offer objects inventory in the field by using the latest technology with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and our own applications for Tablet PCs,
  • Based on knowledge of the customer industry and our experience, we deeply analyze collected data and draw from the knowledge of experienced customer employees, so we fairly input information about network assets to the end point system with the utmost quality of the final product,
  • On request, we also provide comprehensive services to update and maintain data about the network assets of the enterprise in any environment.
Network inventory stages

The acquisition of data from miscellaneous sources


Analog to digital data processing


Migration of existing analog and digital data to the target computer system


Inventory of the network assets in the field


Giving the location of the objects, attributes, and specifying the topological and logical connections between them in the inventory system


Continuous updating and maintenance of  the network assets data  in the GIS database

Range of services

  • 01. Development of methodology and techniques of data acquisition (inventory, vectorization, digitizing, migration) and effective network inventory
  • 02. The acquisition of data from all available sources and formats, both digital and analog
  • 03. Input, processing, conversion and migration of the available data to the target system
  • 04. Inventory of the network assets in the field, using the latest technology
  • 05. The execution of the detailed data quality control at different stages of the process
  • 06. Constant updating and maintaining data on network assets in the inventory system
  • 07. Conduct of specialized trainings at all stages of the inventory process

Benefits for the client

  • 01. The effective management of company's network assets
  • 02. Costs optimization and productivity increase
  • 03. Easier to collect, update and maintenance databases on the highest level
  • 04. Fast hazards localization and failures handling
  • 05. Assistance in economic expansion planning and network modernization
  • 06. Advanced reports generation ability
  • 07. Improveing the company's image on the market of provided services

Additional services

  • 01. A detailed analysis of the business needs and the selection of the best solution for the customer
  • 02. Advice on the selection of the appropriate target environment
  • 03. Support in creation or development and modification of the data model
  • 04. Comprehensive analysis of source data

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