The DRONonLine system is an application dedicated to supporting services provided using unmanned aerial vehicles. The application is used to manage the process of executing projects and missions carried out with the use of various UAV systems, from the phase of determining the place of carrying out the flight, through planning and supervision of the flight to the publication of the resulting data.

Users ordering a service can determine the place of the mission with its basic parameters such as determining the type of aircraft (airframe, rotor), type of sensor, date and time of carrying out the mission and can supervise its planning and execution. The application also allows you to upload additional vector data characterizing the place of flights, e.g. the location of power pylons and lines over which the mission is being carried out.

The application is based on Open Source technology and WWW, publishing data in the cloud. The application allows storing, analyzing and publishing various result data: orthophotos, photos, videos and reports. One of the most interesting options of the application is the possibility to send and share a VIDEO LIVE signal directly from the flight site, which allows for observation of the flight object from any location. All you need is Internet access and an account in the DRONonLine application.

When deciding on a service, the customer can choose an account profile that is appropriate to their needs from three different types: Basic, Standard and Professional differing in functionalities and available disk space for data publication.



Benefits of system implementation

  • 01. Monitoring the progress of missions in the real time
  • 02. Efficient exchange of information between users ordering a service and UAV Operator
  • 03. Constant access to current information of all involved entities
  • 04. Fast and safe data transfer

System functionality

  • 01. A precise indication of flight parameters
  • 02. Raster and vector data support
  • 03. Result analysis directly in the application
  • 04. A possibility to send and share a VIDEO LIVE signal directly from the flight site
  • 05. 3D products browser

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