The GRIDonLine system is a comprehensive GIS system that supports network asset management processes. The modular design enables high flexibility and customization of functionalities to specific needs. The system includes modules dedicated for field and office work, as well as for the project management staff, all modules use shared data stored in one database, which provides access to the most current information.

The system is offered in a closed private cloud or as a SaaS service. It enables broad access to company’s data resources regardless of location, both in the field and in the office. It is based on modern database mechanisms and web technologies.

An innovative solution used in the GRIDonLine system is the full edition of data using a web browser, including the edition of single-line energy schemes and power strings. These types of functionalities were previously available only with advanced desktop-class tools. GRIDonLine allows wide access to data and their updating by all users of the system, without the need to install and configure software on local workstations.

The system has been implemented, among others in PKP Energetyka S.A. and has over 600 users. The system was implemented within 12 months, in parallel with the process of obtaining data for 20,000 kilometers of the distribution network. As a result of the implementation, a central repository of data on the company’s distribution assets was created.


System implementation benefits

  • 01. Reducing the costs of maintenance services of the distribution network
  • 02. Optimization of business processes in the enterprise related to the maintenance and development of the distribution network
  • 03. Acceleration of decision-making through efficient exchange of information between field teams, technical service employees and decision-makers
  • 04. Monitoring the progress of work and the ability to quickly respond to problems and delays in the implementation of services
  • 05. Increasing the work safety of field services through access to current network data

GRIDonLine Editor

  • 01. Adding objects
  • 02. Editing attributes and geometry
  • 03. Search
  • 04. Identification
  • 05. Photographic documentation management
  • 06. Validating the completeness of attributes
  • 07. Measurements

GRIDonLine Terrain

  • 01. An offline mode which allows working without network access
  • 02. Inserting an object in the current GPS position
  • 03.  Adding photos of an object
  • 04. GPS accuracy reporting
  • 05. Editing attributes and geometries
  • 06. Adding attachments

GRIDonLine Manager

  • 01. Reporting current work progress
  • 02. Location of the project stages on the map
  • 03. Creating charts
  • 04. Information on threats and delays

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