GRIDonLine Light

GRIDonLine Light  is a web-based cloud system that backs up processes of asset management and field survey. Key features of the system are effects of “survey” and ”manage” modes functionalities. Leading to comprehensive data management and maintenance.

Central database stores collected asset information. All stakeholders work on the same, up-to-date, real-time data:

  • Field crew – responsible for data collection,
  • Office technical team – responsible for control, verification, support of the field crew,
  • Managers – responsible for scoping and works monitoring.

Thanks to its modular build, users work in an app that gives them specific, adapted to current needs tools allowing them to realize the task:

  • Terrain module – allows field data acquisition to be acquired with use of web-app,
  • Editor/Manager module – allows web data to be accessed in Editor and Read-Only modes. That aids work progress monitoring, scoping, KPI presentation, reports and alerts generation.

Data accessible with use of user-friendly application “Editor” uses highly innovative solution. It allows verification, scoping, control and field-data revision thanks to shared, central database. All the information arefreely and fluently exchangeable between managers and field crews.

Our mobile application allows you to work both online and offline. You can acquire the data regardless of internet connection. Thanks to our “replication technology” you can prepare your “data package” that you’ll need to perform your task in a place with limited internet access. All the collected field data will be synced the moment you connect to the internet.

The technology allows field data to be enhanced with photos/videos. Thanks to that There is possibility of documenting, verifying and supplying the field data during office works

GRIDonLine Light

System functionality

GRIDonLine LightGRIDonLine Light
  • 01. Presentation of power objects on the map with their attributes
  • 02. Object status labeling and symbolization
  • 03. Geographical position verification
  • 04. Assigning photos to objects
  • 05. Data sharing services based on Open Source rules (ex. WFS, WMS, Map service, Feature Service)

A possibility of application implementation

GRIDonLine LightGRIDonLine Light
  • 01. Asset management and street lights stock-taking
  • 02. ID labels and warnings signs montage
  • 03. Technical state monitoring
  • 04. Poles and distribution substations labeling assistance
  • 05. Collision and delays identification
  • 06. Construction works progres monityoring
  • 07. Record high-risk spots
GRIDonLine Light
GRIDonLine LightGRIDonLine Light

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