Innovative PLANonLine platform is a response to the need for a constant, wide access to current data at every stage of investment implementation. Main benefits for the client are: up to date spatial data availability (to entities at all levels of management) and investment planning and implementation.

PLANonLine is a comprehensive solution with access via the web and mobile devices. The platform acts as a central data repository, collected at every stage of investment projects and then made available to the involved entities. The system has a modular structure that is adapted to the needs of each user group, allows access to data necessary in the process of implementation of tasks resulting from the current state of investment for all stakeholders.


Benefits of system implementation

  • 01. Optimization of decision-making processes
  • 02. Efficient exchange of information between field teams and investment office employees
  • 03. Constant access to current information on all involved entities
  • 04. Continuous management staff's access to monitoring, enabling the verification of work progress and the possibility to quickly respond to problems and delays
  • 05. Optimization of the approvals process and claims for damages

System modules

  • 01. Terrain module – allows you to use the database in field work, online or offline
  • 02. Editor module – allows for full edition and analysis of collected data using a web browser
  • 03. Manager module – provides reports, alerts, KPIs, allows you to monitor the progress and scope of work, also from a web browser

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