Migration of electrical power data

The project delivered as part of the implementation of the Integrated Network Property Management System at the Energa Operator S.A branch in Kalisz. In this case, we also had the task of transferring all the data on the company’s distribution assets from the old environment based on GE’s solutions to the new ESRI environment, while maintaining all data, analytical and operational capabilities of the system.
As in the previous implementation, the biggest challenge was the differences in the data model of both systems, in the so-called two ‘worlds’: topographic (map layout – 1965 or 1992) and schematic (device schemes in Cartesian layout), data volume and very short deadline.
We used proprietary methodology of migration implementation using ETL class software (Extract, Transform and Load) enabling the use of sophisticated converters and guaranteeing repeatability of the process.

Energa Operator S.A. – Migration of electrical power data
Details of the project
  • Electrical data of the Kalisz sector
  • 40,000 km of the network,
  • 11 thousand stations,
  • 400 thousand poles,
  • 600 thousand connectors
  • Differences between GE and ESRI systems – Two “worlds”: – topographical (maps coordinate system of 1965 or 1992) and scheme (schemes of devices in the Cartesian system),
  • Conceptual differences in data models
  • ESRI
  • GE SmallWorld
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