Geo-radar measurements confirming the location of buried reservoirs

On behalf of one of the largest Polish geological companies – PG Kielce – we carried out underground detection in order to verify the location of underground tanks buried in the twentieth century. The works were carried out in 15 cities, including Gdańsk, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Kraków, Łódź and Opole.  As a result of GPR and geodetic measurements, maps showing mutual location, condition (some tanks were covered with rubble), specificity (thickness, degree of reinforcement of the cover) and depth of the detected objects has been created.

Geo-radar measurements confirming the location of buried reservoirs
  • Verification of the position of underground tar reservoirs,
  • Detection of tank boundaries and determination of its depth,
  • Investigate the characteristics of located objects,
  • Creation of customized maps.
  • Absence or poor quality of existing, archival documentation,
  • Areas strongly transformed in relation to the condition at the time of burying the tanks (often built-up or developed),
  • Diversified characteristics of the tested substrate,
  • Different dimensions of tanks and other construction materials.
  • Carrying out GPR measurements based on multiple wave sequences and frequencies,
  • Configuration of the instrument, adjusted to the field conditions,
  • Constant contact with the customer, allowing for joint achievement of the best results.
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