GRIDonLine system developed for PKP Energetyka S.A.

GISonLine performed a comprehensive implementation of a GIS system based on a proprietary solution – GRIDonLine. PKP Energetyka S.A. specialises in the sale and energy supply to the railway and businesses. It plays a key role in ensuring the efficient functioning of rail transport throughout the country. Therefore, information about the exact location of the company’s assets and their condition is crucial across the entire enterprise.

The main task of the project was to catalogue the whole network of more than 20 000 km. The work was carried out within the 12 months during which a variety of services and supplies has been delivered. They ranged from advisory and consulting services, implementation, cataloguing and inventorying to a quality control of the  database created, containing current data about the distribution network. The scale and scope of the project, a very short deadline, delivery of licenses and equipment, high quality requirements are just some of the issues that our team faced. Due to the knowledge, experience, modern technologies and full involvement of all stakeholders in the project the project was a success within the stipulated time limit. Currently the system is used throughout the enterprise by about 2000 workers. It streamlines operation, development and investment processes and it’s new functionality is under development.

PKP Energetyka S.A. – Field and document-based network inventory of distribution assets
Details of the project

The aim of the project was to create a system that allows to maintain data of high quality and topicality and improve asset management process. It wam mainly created to answer three basic questions:

  • Where are the assets?
  • What is the number of devices?
  • What is the technical condition of the devices?
  • When was it installed or changed?
  • What does it exactly look like?
  • A large scope of data and services
  • Relatively short deadline of the project
  • High quality expectations
  • Lack of additional information about distributional asset
  • Network complexity
  • Network dispersion over area of whole country
  • Number of people involved in design stage (over 400)
Gallery of implementation
Scope of services

Consulting and advising


Delivery of devices


Field and document-based network inventory


Geographic Information System implementation


Quality control


Data maintenance procedures

1. Consulting and advising

The first stage of the project were consulting and advisory services focused on analytical work during which we have:

  • Performed audit of the data – Subject of the stage was an analysis of the source data held by the contracting authority, together with an assessment of their suitability, shortcomings and their elimination. The outcome was a repository of data that are the main resource of the data used in the project,
  • Developed methodology and procedures for inventorying and distribution assets cataloguing of inventory owned by PKP Energetyka S.A. Together with the customer we have developed a detailed procedure for the field-work realisation, taking into account the scope of the collected data, process of taking pictures of the objects and GPS measurements,
  • Developed a methodology for updating the GIS data,
  • Developed methodology for quality control of inventoried and catalogued data,
  • Developed the data model of electricity GIS system, with the creation of dictionaries of electrical devices,
  • Prepared and implemented a dedicated training on the implementation of inventory works and GIS data update in the field for more than 400 workers.

2. Hardware delivery

We have provided the necessary equipment for  the inventory works. During the implementation we tested  dozen of different tablets along with accessories and different cameras. They had to meet the strict quality standards and be ready for long hours of work in difficult conditions. We have also delivered ESRI licenses necessary for the implementation of the GIS and orthomosaic for the whole country, which served as the main map layer  throughout course of the design work.

3. Inventorying and cataloguing

We have catalogued and inventoried  the assets of the enterprise. As a result of the works a spatial database was created. It contained the current distribution network of a total length of over 20 000 km.  The assets consisted of AC and DC current devices of all voltages. Due to the small amount of source data, short deadline and high quality requirements of the client, work was divided into two stages, each of which was implemented in a specific way.

The first stage of the works was cataloguing of the assets basing on the data held by the contracting authority where the main purpose was to specify the location of the objects along with completing the  data.

The second stage was the collection of these missing data by means of field inventory, accurate GPS location measurement and object’s condition photo documentation. On certain sections for getting the most up-to-date information of the network Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were used.

4. Geographic Information System implementation

As part of the implementation of the GIS system, a comprehensive, modular GRIDonLine system was developed to support field and document-based network inventory and asset management processes. The system is based on the solution of GIS market leader – ESRI Inc.

GRIDonLine System is a comprehensive GIS system supporting network asset management processes. The modular design allows great flexibility and customization functionalities. The system includes modules dedicated to work in the Office, for the management project, all modules use common data stored in one database, which gives you access to the latest information.

The system is offered in a closed private cloud or as-a-service SaaS. Allows access to data resources regardless of location, both in the field and in the office. Is based on the modern database technologies and mechanisms. The basic features of the system:

  • Central Database,
  • The modular design dedicated to the different users’ needs: Editor, Terrain, Manager,
  • Offline and online mode.

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5. Quality control

The final stage of the project was the collected inventory data quality control. Checks are subject to above all compliance with data acquisition procedure, the completeness of the collected data, completeness and quality of the photographs taken. After verification of the correctness of the data, their integration in the system including the correctness of topological and logical consistency  was checked. Any identified deficiencies were urgently replenished by a dedicated team of the terrain.

Technology and solutions

For the implementation a proven world leader’s solution has been selected – ESRI GIS solutions Inc., basing on the technology, a proprietary  system GRIDonLine was deployed to assist the process of inventory, inventory and network asset management.  Modular system consisting of three applications: Editor, Terrain and Manager basing on the central database, in a simple and intuitive way made it possible to carry out all the work. Main features and technologies used:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • Microsoft
  • Agile Methodology
  • MS SQL cloud-database serving as a central database system
  • WEB Technology providing tools for inventory and cataloguing in a simple and intuitive way
  • Drones as a support in the inventory works
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