Geoinformatic work and field inventory – data acquisition, spatial and statistical analysis, photographic documentation

The project implemented for Polskie Sieci Energetyczne included the obtaining spatial data and map studies and performing statistical analyses for the needs of feasibility studies for newly built 400 kV power lines. The service was performed for the Pątnów – Włocławek Azoty, Jasiniec-Grudziądz and Pątnów-Jasiniec lines with a total length of 241 km.

As part of the project, a data inventory was carried out,  and over 160 sheets of geodetic maps were obtained at various scales, along with 35,000 extracts from the land and building register which were then converted to a digital database. Then, using the data gethered, a series of geo-statistical analyses and reports were carried out together with a set of maps enabling the contractor to specify: the number of plots through which the power lines were planned to be developed , their properties, the type of use, and other information necessary to optimally design the final course of the proposed high voltage line.

The work was done in the ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 environment.

PSE Inwestycje S.A. – data acquisition, spatial and statistical analyzes, photographic documentation
The work carried out
  • Acquiring data from regional surveying centers,
  • Conversions of data obtained to the vector form,
  • Construction of the data model,
  • Creation of thematic maps,
  • Execution of the field inventory,
  • Performing statistical analyses and reports.
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